Monday, April 27, 2015

What is it...

...that causes a six year old to try to lie, even when he knows that the lie will get him in four times the trouble that simply admitting what he'd done wrong would have?

He got a green day...which he then colored blue (first attempt), then tried to tell Daddy was green when the teacher had written yellow in Sharpie (second attempt).  All of which stemmed from some misbehavior on the playground that would have gotten him scolded at worst.  A green day would have seen him permitted to watch TV.  A yellow day would have seen him permitted to play in his room.  He's being treated as if he'd gotten a red day, simply for the lies.

Seriously.  Why?  This simply does not compute for me.  I do not lie, and have done my best to teach him not to.


  1. I think in some kids, even ones his age, things are still not quite "hooked up right" yet. I remember stuff I pulled as a kid that I later on wondered how I could have been so idiotic. Answer: I was a kid.

    Or it could be boundary-pushing, though he should know by know you guys have pretty tight boundaries.

    1. I guess. I was just incredibly frustrated because he's done this before, and knows what the result will be. He knew it even before he got in the car to come home.


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