Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Don't wanna be here.

Monday evening, I came down with something.  I went down hard, with a fever, body aches, and everything.  Yesterday, I felt some better--only the headache remained.  But oh, the headache!  I felt like somebody was taking a sledgehammer to it anytime I moved my head. 

The headache is not gone today.  Improved, but not gone.  But, since I am a responsible adult, I am in my classroom, instead of still in my bed. 

And I'm starting to do the grading for my classes' blogs (and the extensions I gave for the fifth paper).  Despite really not wanting to. 

Because I am a responsible matter how much I sometimes wish otherwise.

May be more blogging later over other stuff.  I feel a rant about another blogger's situation coming on...

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