Saturday, April 18, 2015

random ramblings

I feel horribly guilty.  I sent my in-laws to hell, yesterday, to be tortured by a Christian school's Christian rock praise band concert.  In my defense, I meant to do it not at all.  I thought the grandparents' day thing would be more focused on the school stuff and less on the Church stuff that the school is attached to.

Then, we went out to lunch.  The pixie went home with them, and the imp came home with us and went to his very first birthday party.  He had an absolute blast--the kid's mother rented our local bounce house for a couple hours.  Odysseus described it as joyful chaos...and reported that the little girls in the imp's class like him very much, and constantly wanted him to chase them.

The mistake he made was that he said this in the imp's hearing, and now the imp swears that he loves chaos.

He's spent today fairly quietly--let us sleep in until we got a delivery left on the doorstep that I wasn't expecting until sometime next week.  Since the pixie isn't here, he's actually spent the day watching Iron Man* and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

The pixie is home, now, so the quiet that I've been enjoying has come to an end: I've promised the imp that he can use this little lightweight fabric frisbee to teach the pixie how to throw it properly...up and down the hall, probably with a lot of shrieking and laughter. Possibly with some fighting.  Since I've put them both down for naps because of the severe crankies, that won't happen until later.

The imp got himself into trouble, this morning.  Both he and the pixie love my fountain pens, and the imp in particular loves the one with the orange lines marbled through the black, both because orange is his favorite color, and because the pen is loaded with green ink, which he loves.

I've got the pens cleaned up and refurbished that I can until I get the time to sit down, scrape rubber fragments off of feed sections, measure the diameter, and order feed sacs.  And j-bars for one or two.

Shadow has been exiled to the laundry room for the duration of the naps.  She was being an asshole, and clawing at the imp's closed door.

We've put a couch cover over the couch--it's one of the slip covers that's a general shape secured by tied bows.  Cricket loves playing with them, which is going to get her fuzzy little head thumped.  Thankfully, she's not doing that right now, but...yeah.  She'll probably start pretty much when Odysseus reappears from where he's studying and doing homework in the master bedroom.

I'll be picking up the last papers on Monday, and starting them on blogging.  To be honest, I'm foreseeing a lot of them taking off with the blogging, and just turning in the work without making any more appearances.  I've got one that's notified me that they won't be there due to a death in the family, but they're pretty good about coming in if they need help.

I finished another story for the collection.  Brought it up to nearly 26K words.  I've outlined the next five chapters of Detritus, and gotten a good start on one--it's just at 21K words.  And I'm nearly a thousand words into a story of indeterminate length in a world that's still unfolding a bit. 

*The animated series from the '90's, not the movies.  


  1. Wait.. YOU feel guilty?!

    Mebbe you should quit hanging out with those Catholics. They're rubbing off.

    (Shut up.)

    1. Christian rock praise bands made up of teenagers is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy...and I'm quite fond of my in-laws.

  2. No, I'm with you on the praise bands here.

    I'm also not a fan of the "Now we will sing this praise chorus, and we're going to keep singing it over and over again until the person leading it decides it's done." I like traditional hymns where you know there are four verses and maybe a refrain and the words CHANGE from line to line....

    1. Most Christian rock also trades quality of sound for volume of sound. Which is incredibly irritating, and just makes the whole experience worse.