Thursday, April 23, 2015

I give up.

I took the pixie up to my mom's, today.  I had grading to do, and she was being particularly demanding of attention. 

On the upside, I got caught up. 

On the downside...just as I got caught up, the class platform decided to shit the bed.  After the third time I got kicked all the way out of the entire site when I tried to enter a comment, I gave up. 

It's still doing it.

I fucking give up.  I'm too bloody tired of dealing with it to keep trying tonight.  I'll try again tomorrow during office hours. 

Which means writing is going to be pushed off for at least one more day.

Damn the stupid fucking platform all the fucking way to hell. 

The only reason I'm as calm as I am (since I could be finished with papers were it not for the devil's queef of a website platform) is because my wonderful other half poured me a rye whiskey on the rocks, and it's already gone. 

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