Wednesday, April 8, 2015

One of those days...

It's already been a hell of a day.  The imp was whiny and uncooperative this morning (which bodes ill for his day at school).  First, he didn't want to get dressed.  Then, he didn't want either of the options for breakfast that were offered (wanted something that's weekend food because of how long it takes for them to eat it).  And finally, he yanked the tongue out of his new pair of (cheap) shoes, then burst into tears because I said he couldn't wear them to school. 

I've got grading to do.  And I simply don't want to do it.  But...I'll be leaving at 11:30 to go pick up the pixie, and probably won't have time to do any of it until after they go to bed if I don't do some of it now.


  1. Hope it gets better. It's tough being a little guy / gal sometimes.

    1. Indeed. When they're little, they have no sense of proportion, so everything that goes even a little wrong is like the end of the world to them. I'm just hoping his day went better after he got to school.


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