Monday, April 13, 2015

Um, no.

There's a church, a Baptist church, that is not too far from the campus.  We drive past it every time we take the kids to school, or Odysseus goes to class, or I go to teach.  Often times, their moveable type billboard is amusing ("Forbidden fruit makes for some interesting jams"), but recently, their message makes me want to slap somebody:

"Jesus died just for you."




What kind of special snowflake narcissist does it take to accept that message?  That they are, personally, more important to God and Christ than the rest of us.  Seriously?  Jesus died just for me?

Hardly.  I am one soul, in two thousand years of lost ones.  How am I more important that the uncounted billions between then and now? My kids are, in my opinion, far more important than I am.

No.  Christ didn't die "just for you."  He didn't die just for me.  He did something far more ballsy: he took on the sins of all of us, from the moment Adam fell through when the last human being goes poof because God decided he'd had enough of all of us.  He didn't die for any single one, but took on the sins of, and died to atone for, all of us.   

"Jesus died just for you."



  1. Best response to that topic I've ever heard.

    1. Thanks. It irritated me for days before I figured out why.