Friday, April 24, 2015

Oh, brother.

Y'know, the United States government has a long and, quite frankly, nasty habit of selling land that was set aside for individuals to others. 

Especially where Native American lands are concerned. 

I honestly don't know why I'm surprised by this

I am beyond disgusted, and think that the perpetrators need to be horsewhipped so hard their descendants bear the scars, but not surprised.

And John McCain was in on it.

Profanity laced rant (co-written by my beloved husband) below the fold.

John McCain, you are a fucking cum burping gutter slut, with the spiritual halitosis of a diseased dockside whore's queef, even for a politician .  How the fuck do you fucking even dare?  How the fuck do you fucking sleep at night with shit like this dirtying your hands?  How the fuck can your wife fucking stand to fucking look at you?

Just because you were fucking born during the days when this type of behavior was still normal and acceptable does not give mean that you have to try to bring back, the "good old day's" just because you need a gorilla sized thumb up your prostate to get you fucking off you Snidley Cuntwhiplashing wannabe.

What, the white cattle ranchers put so much scare into your thong style depends that you have to go back to picking on the red-man?

Fuck you.  Fuck you, your co-conspirators, and all of your fucking stupid, vapid, cuntwipe aides that helped you write this abortion into a bill that has little chance of being defeated. 

And may the voters bleach the cuntstain that you are out of Washington in the next election cycle.

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