Thursday, April 30, 2015

My giveadamn's busted.

Baltimore.  I just...don't care.  The people of Baltimore have chosen the course that has led to the consequences they're facing.  They voted for the shitheaps that created policy that led to the repeated incidences of police brutality that had everybody believing that the cops there severed Gray's spinal cord.

It isn't going to matter if evidence and autopsies prove that he did it to himself in the hopes of being able to sue the city.  Like with Ferguson, rioters are converging on Baltimore to destroy it, and no inconvenient fact is going to interfere with their beliefs that the cops murdered another undeserving black man.

I cannot bring myself to feel for the "victims" of the rioting.  They chose this, through their voting patterns, and through remaining in the situation.  The only ones I feel sorry for is those who are trying to keep family-owned businesses that have been in the same place for generations, businesses who literally could not survive without their long-built-up customer bases...and I question how many of those there actually are.

I do not feel sorry for the rioters--they aren't there for Gray, or for any honest protests about police brutality.*  So fucking what if their bail is "unfair" (according to lawyers)?  They earned the price the judges set on their heads, every penny.

I do not feel sorry for the scumbag's family.  If they'd really cared for the young man, they'd have stepped in a long time ago and taught him real, civilized values, instead of turning him into a stupid sociopath predator.

I do not feel sorry for the scumbag.  Especially since evidence has come out showing he'd done it to himself.

I do not feel sorry for the police force.  From what I've read, they've been predators on the law abiding almost as bad as Gray was.

I do feel sorry for the good ones amongst the bad, but that's limited by the fact that they have not stepped up to boot the scumbags out of uniform and out of the force.  They are as much at fault for the current situation as the bad cops.  Remember what they say about what allows evil to flourish.

Seriously.  At this point, after all of this, my ability to care, which is sorely limited by my own borderline sociopathic tendencies to not care about other people, has been completely worn out.


  1. At a higher level, it's just a perverse trick being played upon the American public. This is nothing but a classic example of Saul Alinsky's "bottom up top down" plan being used by TPTB to further their plans of fundamentally transforming America.

    At the local level, I feel sorry for a few of the individuals, but like you, I'm over it. They got the government and policies they voted for. I'm sick of hearing the "blame the whites/conservatives" meme that's being played out. Once the "free shit army" is out of freebies to hand out to the low information useful idiots, then it's time to change the games to what we are seeing played out now.

    Might as well sit back and enjoy the show and the ride down the toilet. There's not much you can do about it at this late point in the exercise anyway.

    1. For any wanting a better explanation of "Top down, bottom up" ( I had it backwards in my previous comment above" here is a short read:

    2. I'm fully aware of what's going on. I'm not really enjoying the show or the ride because I have kids for whose safety I am responsible (and for whom I worry). Should this work out the way the Alinskyites hope (rather than the way I hope it will with a second American revolution restoring things), their lives will be nowhere near as good as mine has been...and that's saying something.

    3. we had two chances to either not elect the current admin or boot him out, Many of the people want this grand revolution you speak of sat home on their butts whining about not having their perfect candidate. I've read too many of the blogs stating such. Neither man was perfect and the senator from Az is nothing more than an asshole granted, but we'd have been far better off than we are now with either one. but everyone picks their poison, I guess. I don't blame the other side here. I blame us.

      Obviously the "enjoy the ride" comment was snark. Nothing enjoyable about it, but I refuse to let these asshats ruin my every waking moment. I respect the fact that you and many others have kids, They are going to be stuck with the previous generations bad decisions.

    4. I held my nose and voted. I do not think votes count anymore, but I do it anyway. I don't think positive change will happen (toward liberty and away from overpowered government) until and unless the vote is removed from those who vote for bread and circuses on the public dime.

      I posted about the twatwaffle from AZ last Friday in a bit of a profanity laden rant. I have voted for him in the past, just as I did Romney. Since my vote matters not, I will not hold my nose and vote for the lesser evil again, but will vote for whom my conscience dictates. Should that be a major party candidate, I'm gonna be shocked.

      Did I not have children, I probably would be enjoying a huge serving of schadenfreude. We've all been suffering from the betrayal of our public "servants" turning progressive since Woodrow Wilson. And watching the misery of those who vote for King Putt's policies only to have those policies harm *them*? Priceless.

  2. I don't have children, and I can't enjoy any schadenfreude in this. So much our ancestors worked for is being torn up and broken. So many people giving in to their base instincts of selfishness ("I can bust into this store and take a bunch of crap") and desire for vague revenge ("The guy who owns this restaurant must be RICH, he deserves to see it burn.")

    I dunno. If I were God, the human race would have been gone already, replaced by some other animal species.