Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Decision made.

I've been waffling between selling my pens on Amazon and selling them on ebay.  Amazon charges a per-item fee, plus ten percent; ebay charges ten percent plus a couple of little fees that are determined by whether I pay the shipping or my customer does.  And PayPal takes a chunk, too.

On the one hand, I can set my price in either place; however, ebay doesn't guarantee that it will sell, because there's almost always something just exactly the same selling at someone else's auction for a little bit less. 

I decided on another option.  I opened an Etsy store: PensandKnits.  It's not just pens I want to sell--I also have knitted scarves and hats and shawls and other small things like that (LORD, do I!) that I'm running out of space to store.  They charge a lower per item fee, and a lower percentage of the sold item price fee.

Right now, all I have listed are the three of my pens that are functional and ready to be sold.  I've got to hunt up where I stored all of the knit stuff, and put it through the washer and take pictures. 

(And if anyone has a particular color combo they'd like to have of hat and/or scarf, or shawl, just shoot me an email at

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