Sunday, April 5, 2015


I got another dozen in the mail, yesterday.  Between the Parker 21 I already acquired, and the 45 in the lot, I already had pens enough to cover what I spent acquiring twenty pens.  Also in the lot is a Sheaffer Fineline, with the goldtone cap.  Which will also be a nice bit of change when I sell it. 

Odysseus compared my pen lots as panning for gold.  I haven't found anything incredibly valuable, but the ones I have found have been able to recoup enough for me to be able to keep the few little oddities that I like--like the Universal fountain pen with a stupid-huge screw in glass cartridge.  Or this nameless little lever-fill with the silver-palladium alloy fine point nib that writes like a fucking dream.  Or the adorable, elegant little Marlowe ladies' pen, with someone's name inscribed on it.  (Yes, I'll post pictures later.  If anyone's interested.)

Some of the pens that aren't worth a whole lot will probably be fixed, and the ones I don't plan to keep will either get sold at flea markets, on Amazon, or handed off to anyone who wants to buy one on campus (or as gifts--I have a transparent Sheaffer students' cartridge pen with a medium nib in a blue plastic section that should work fine now that I have it cleaned up, but isn't worth more than about $5). 

Out of the two dozen pens I have, I'm planning on keeping five or six--the Eclipse ladies' pen is too damaged to sell, otherwise it'd be going, too, despite how cute it is.  One is the Waltham (for which I cannot find a clip), one is the slim and elegant little Marlowe pen, and then there's the lever fill I've been playing with all day.  I'm planning on keeping the glass cartridge Universal pen, since I'd get maybe five or ten for that.  I'm undecided on the Arnold pen (it's a very pretty green, and isn't worth much...but it is in very good shape, and should be a simple fix).  There are another six that are either in awful shape, and/or will take more time to identify and find caps for.  The rest will be put up for sale as I get them rehabbed.  And/or figure out an alternate for a cartridge that's no longer made (*cough*Wearever*cough*). 


  1. I've enjoyed reading about your pens. Made me order a bottle of Noodlers and fill up my Lammy.

    Can't wait to see pics of your new finds.

    1. I'll take some pics of the four I found at a local flea market, and of the dozen that arrived in the mail yesterday. I've got some really pretty things...that are, essentially, not far from worthless in the collectors' market.