Thursday, March 6, 2014


It's easier to write in an out-of-the-way alcove in the library than it is the horrible, shared office with badly placed (for me) seating and desks, but it's still hard to relax enough to do much.  I've managed seven thousand words in two weeks. 

Last semester, my office hours were held in my classroom, and I managed seven thousand words in two days.

This semester, there's some dumb twat* in my classroom after me, so I have to vacate pretty promptly.

Which has cut harshly into my productivity.

Well, live and learn.

*Said twat teaches the "University Experience" class--what used to be the six-week Freshman Orientation, which was useless then, and is more so now, stretched to a full semester--and leaves their shit on the board for me to clean up.

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