Sunday, March 30, 2014

Beautiful day...

Odysseus is sitting on the front porch, assembling a new grill.  We had a small, round, table-top model, but it's starting to rust through on the bottom, and just generally wear out.  Not surprising--we paid $10 for it, and have used it fairly heavily for the past four years.

Our new grill is about 2'x2', square 2' diameter round, and has a removable ash can on the bottom--handy, that.  It's definitely big enough for the two of us plus a couple of friends.

Once the grill gets assembled, we're going to barbecue some burgers. 


  1. Nice way to spend a quiet Sunday.

  2. Muley Graves is really Harry Flashman , too. I forgot to change accounts when I left my brothers blog.