Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I love my son...

The imp decided to clean his room, yesterday.  Did a pretty fair job of it...took almost all of his toys into his sister's room, and left them there. 

Strike one, although he didn't know that that wasn't acceptable (although I think he kinda did--I'd just never set it as a rule).

Then, he spent a good portion of the afternoon acting like a boy: playing in the back yard, getting wet and muddy.  He managed to get muddy enough that it squished through his jeans and got his bare legs muddy all the way up to the thighs.  Since he'd been digging up the wild garlic in the yard, all over the yard instead of just under his slide (which is where he's permitted to dig), I made him come in and I cleaned him up.  Had strip him to the skin (his underwear was wet), and wash his hands up to the elbows, and wash his feet and legs before I could get him dressed in clean clothes

Strike two.

I got him, his sister, and TinCan Assassin's Progeny all set up on the couch, watching Tom and Jerry, eating peanut butter crackers, and each with a cup of water.  All was well for about fifteen minutes, until I had to get up and go work on the dishes...and then the imp decided to kick his sister in the face. 

Strike three.  He got told to put his snack down, and go to his room.  Stayed there until supper, because by that point, I was incredibly angry with him...and I never, ever spank when I'm angry. 

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