Sunday, March 23, 2014

Same-old, same-old.

There is nothing new in the news, and the news is nothing but depressing. 

King Putt is aggregating more and more power unto himself, and not one of the people we hired to do our will is doing a damn thing to stop him. 

Detroit is Detroit is Detroit.

Health"Care" dot gov is putting up ads featuring people saying "I'm Covered!" all over the place, despite the fact that most of America is unable to access the websites, or afford the "affordable" coverage, or the "awesome, affordable" coverage costs more and covers less than the plans stolen by the government. 

Russia is re-taking old territories with impunity.  And no one but the people being re-subjugated seems to care about anything but that the natural gas must flow. 

I am sickened and frightened by the state the world is falling into. 

Stock up on beans, bullets, and bandages, folks--it's likely to be a bumpy ride.


  1. Remember it's the news, which is as clueless as the current administration. They wander through insanity and the sane folks are still in charge.

    1. I read the headlines on four different sites. Nothing jumped out as anything new.

  2. 1. Send lawyers, guns, and money

    2. Shoot all the lawyers.

    3. Keep all the money.


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