Friday, March 28, 2014

FFOT: lethargy

I can't really get worked up about anything.  I've tried.

Leland Yee?  Nope.  I may not have known the name, but he was a politician, and the behavior is what I've come to expect.

The fact that I'm not surprised (disgusted, yes, but not surprised) by corruption and hypocrisy on this level in anyone can fuck the fuck off.


  1. The fact that I can still get my feelings hurt by stupid crap, and the fact that I'm too much of a grownup to want to throw a tantrum about it to the person who offended me, can FTFO.

    So I feel bad, but I know it's idiotic to feel bad, and I feel it would be petty to seek recourse.

    But I still feel bad.

    1. Being a grown-up sucks. I'm sorry, Ricki. Wish I could invite you over for some strawberries, poundcake, and whipped cream.

  2. I'm having a lethargic day too.

    Ricki, remember the old injunction to "always repay others in the same coin they served you, with interest."
    Actually, sounds like you are a better person than me, since someone hurt your feelings and you can just put it behind you. That's best. No reflection on you at all. I make it a point of honor to return the favor if someone injures me, even if I have to wait years to do it. Can't remember any time post Lebanon that I felt better afterwards for it.