Sunday, March 9, 2014

Career tracking meets Brave New World

Take a look at this.  Then tell me why it's a good idea, when I've seen twenty year old kids changing majors three or four times before they find the right fit.

And see if you can spot the telling admission the school system is making about its own previous failure.


  1. I majored in History and Geography. The History and Geography departments were heavily larded with professors who were vets, and at the time, the early 1970's, military people were not welcome in most other parts of the campus. I tried to take a course on science fiction and the professor said on the first day "everybody in uniform get up and get out of my classroom." So we did. Shortly thereafter he got beaten up pretty badly one night. Not all of the guys in my reserve unit were boots. There were some Navy and Marine enlisted back from Viet Nam. Direct Action kind of people.

    1. Only the professors still stuck in the sixties are like that anymore, at least with soldiers. If you allude that you may have conservative leanings, they'll come down on you like a ton of bricks, but at least they treat the soldiers with respect.