Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I think I'm gonna have Odysseus move the summer clothes into the back room, in the corner between the two sets of shelves.  There just isn't room in the bedroom for them, the gun stuff, and the sewing corner.  The gun stuff can all go in the closet, but the off-season clothes will have to be put somewhere out of the way, so that I can sort the sewing corner.

I also need at least one more full-size bookcase.  That's been purchased--it just needs to be put together.

It seems, sometimes, like every bit of progress made in organizing and cleaning my house is accompanied by another area getting out of control.  Right now, that's really not being helped by this nasty cold sapping all of my energy and making me feel like crap. 

Odysseus has plans for tomorrow--while the weather isn't bad, but is too cold to be a lot of fun--to head down to a nearby small town that has a free, public shooting range, to test some repairs made to one of our guns that wasn't feeding from the magazine properly.  A friend who has forgotten more about gun function and maintenence than we know told us that the feed ramp had a ridge at the edge of it, and the round was catching on that.  Told us to get a stone and smooth it off. 

And now, that needs function-tested.  If it works, it may become a summer carry piece for me. 

After that, he's going to be keeping an eye on the kids while I do stuff to try to get our bedroom back into such shape that I can get to the dresser to put Odysseus's clothes up.  Because right now?  I can't.  Which also means that his clean clothes are taking up one of the dirty clothes baskets.  Which means...that we have less capacity for dirty clothes, and his clothes are MUCH bigger than mine (he's about a quarter inch away from being 6'4", and I'm 4'11"). 

Part of the problem is a huge basket of fabric pieces that my family foisted off on me, so that I can teach myself how to sew.  I need to separate that out between useful and not, and between different fabric types (cottons, jerseys, etc).  Right now, that's just been juggled back and forth between the sewing table and the end of the bed and the floor at the end of the bed...where it's tripped over, and put back onto the table...where it's in the way for making use of the table as a desk. 

Thursday, we are planning on taking the kids to a park, at least for a while.  The weather is supposed to be just too nice not to.  And way too nice to go down to go shooting, and find the range anything other than packed.  

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