Thursday, March 13, 2014

Top Gear went to Burma

I happened to glance up as Odysseus was watching with the imp as they showed the map and traced the route the guys were following, and it showed they were heading in the general direction of Mandalay...

...which brought to mind this:

Which was inspired by (lifted from) this.


  1. I've always liked Kipling and I like Sinatra. I never made the connection between the two on that song before though.

    1. I have a CD, somewhere, of Frank Sinatra and Red Norvo in Australia. He said that this was the song he initially wanted to put on an album in place of "Chicago," but Kipling's sister wouldn't let him.

      This happened after someone from the audience shouted a request for Sinatra to sing "Chicago," and he explained that he didn't know it--he had sheet music in front of him when he recorded it, and had been too blind drunk to remember it, and almost too drunk to read it.