Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gonna be a good day

Yes, I work today; however, it's after work that's going to be awesome. 

We have a good friend coming over sometime this morning, right around 11:30.  He's going to watch the kids while Odysseus and I take TinCan Assassin to our local shooting range.  Another friend of ours is going to meet us there.

I'm probably going to start with my standard carry pieces, just to make sure and keep practice up, but then I'm moving to rifles.  I have two that need sighted in--my 91/30 and my Mauser.  I'm planning to spend a goodly portion of the afternoon messing with those two, and just vegging.  Getting all five trains of thought lined up and focused on the same thing, and having some quiet time in my own head.

I am very, very much looking forward to this.  Haven't had a similar range day for a long time--not since I first had kids.