Thursday, March 27, 2014


There are several computers marked with a reserved sign in the library computer lab, today.  Apparently, they're holding a workshop to help foreign exchange students who work on campus with their income taxes.  I've seen a dozen students walk through the computer lab, looking at each of the empty computers hopefully, only to sigh in resignation at the reserved signs over each one and wander off.

What they say is Reserved in big red letters at the top, followed by International student tax workshop in green, then Thursday March 27 in yellow.  And this is as far as anyone goes.

If they read the whole thing, they'd have noticed the double-sized font beneath the date that reads 5PM-8PM.  I have not yet seen anyone that noticed.  All of the reserved computers are still empty.

Such stunningly developed skills of observation these twits have!  I'd bet most of 'em have homework, too.


  1. They'll just not do it, and then go whine to their prof that "all the computers were reserved."

    Most profs will be too harried or busy to check up whether what they're actually saying was true.....

    I have a large number of students in one class this semester who are stunningly unable to follow either written or spoken directions. I hope this is just an unlucky semester and not a new trend.

    1. My response is usually a shrug, and a "Not my problem, and I'm not accepting this late."

  2. Attention to DETAIL... sigh... It's a lost ability...