Saturday, March 15, 2014

That hissing you hear is the blogger slowly deflating...

I'm beat.  Since Odysseus left for work, I've gotten three loads run through the washer (and the second of the three is in the dryer), the kids turned loose from solitary and fed, the kitchen trash taken out, the clean dishes unloaded from the dishwasher and the dirty put in, one child bathed, and the other child entertained while the one that needed a bath got it.  After that, I got them fed a little more (peanut butter crackers are a life saver), then put to bed. 

And then, I remembered that the dog was still out (thank God it hadn't started raining, yet).  Got her out of her pen, jerked her off her feet when I noticed that she was booking it towards a toad (poor thing--we're supposed to get snow tomorrow), and finally wrestled the creature in the house.

Noticed that the cats were out of food, fed the cats, brought my cat into the kitchen with a small handful of food, because she tends to gorge then puke if she's been without for too long...and had her gorge and puke on the handful I'd given her.  Cleaned that up, and got her a little more, then let the other cat out.  Then put the other cat back, because she was after the dummy's food, despite having had solo access to the full dish for the past fifteen minutes (did all this while I was working on reloading the dishes).

I am done.  I don't have everything that needs done finished, but I can't do anymore.  I have come down with a nasty cold that includes, apparently, my ears clogging at random intervals, inducing vertigo. 

It's been a hell of an afternoon.  And the pixie is wailing that she needs to go potty. 


  1. I feel the same way sometimes. My children grew up and left, and then I got ferrets..........

    1. Do the ferrets pick fights with each other the moment you're out of earshot? Just curious about how much they actually are like small children.