Monday, March 10, 2014


So, DST hasn't fucked with the kids' sleeping schedules.  They still go to bed at the same time of day, despite what the clock says.

Not a problem with the imp.  Once he's in bed, he stays there until he wakes up in the morning.

But the pixie, who went to the bathroom just before she went to bed, just now "hadda go to da bafroom."  And then, when she was done, she paused in the doorway to tell me, "I running out of energy."

*Takes deep breath...lets it out slowly...*  "Well, sweetie, you need to go to bed and go to sleep.  That way you'll have energy tomorrow."

*Threat of tears, chin goes down, voice warbles*  "Oh, okay." 

And she's STILL STANDING THERE.  While my patience is running out. 

I finally got her to go to bed, but I'm about to just spank her the next time she gets up, after that.

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