Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Waiting on coffee...

I've got today off from work.  Since I got half of my Comp II papers graded during office hours yesterday, I'm pretty sure I can finish the job during office hours tomorrow.  So, no office work today. 

The story chapter I was working on--the one I thought was the next to last one--demanded to be split up.  So, I have another story chapter finished, and two or three to go. 

I put together a pot of coffee--beans in the grinder, water in the reservoir--and set it off just before I made the kids their breakfast.  Imp requested three sausage links, and the pixie wanted pancakes and sausage.  I got her four of the two-inch mini pancakes and one sausage link, arranged it on her plate, and she squeals, "Momma, you made me a butterfly!"   

The coffee should be ready to drink in a few minutes.  I use a permanent filter, so a bit of finely ground coffee powder gets through while it's making.  If I don't wait a few minutes for that to settle, I'm drinking coffee plus silt.  Not the best sensation in the world.

Odysseus had a difficult time getting to sleep last night.  I'm going to let him sleep until nine or so this morning, then take the kids out into the back yard after he gets up so that he can study for the test he needs to take by tomorrow. 

Other than that, my plans for the day involve housework.  Lots and lots of housework.  My weekend chores didn't get done, between trying to unclog the sink and visiting my mother.  Yesterday's chores didn't get done, either, because I'd worked on catching up on dishes (and I've still got a little bit to go).  So, I have laundry to put away, bathrooms to clean, bedrooms to clean, and the rest of the kitchen to clean and straighten (including finding a place for Odysseus's new tool, which won't fit in the tool box).

Coffee's ready.  I'll stop rambling, now.

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