Thursday, October 3, 2013

Want to know what I'd be doing if I worked for the government?

Right now?  Nothing.  Because the two halves of the party are not willing to stick to their Constitutionally assigned responsibilities, and refuse to ditch the ass-raping of the American people that they encoded into law with the "Affordable" Care Act. 

I sort of work for my state's government, in teaching at a state college, but I haven't heard of any universities being shut down because of a government furlough...possibly because it's one of the few enterprises that's making money (even if it's being spent as fast as it comes in, in most cases). 

If I worked for, say, the Park Service, I'd be starting to get scared, right about now.  And I'd be hustling to look for a part-time job or two, and a way to get into a public sector job. 

Were I a man, and living in the area I'm living in, I'd go around and offer to winterize yards, rake leaves, and plant bulbs for spring flowers for $50/yard, with $20 followups as the leaves fall, and over the winter to shovel snow. 

If I were in the same straights as, say, TinCan Assassin, and his adorable wife, I'd probably be baking pies, cobblers, cookies, and cornbread (honey and jalapeno cheese), and selling them at the local farmers' market.  In pans, and in single servings with condiments (honey, butter, jellies) in individual packets (easily and cheaply purchased at Sam's Club). 

And, if I found that that replaced my income, I'd tell my former job to go fuck itself when the government got its head out of its ass, and tried to tell me to come back. 


  1. I think I would drive to that town on the other side of the mountains that is all Hispanic, and I'd rob liquor stores. I'd get a ski mask,and I'd shout "Manos Aribba! Traigame todos del su dinero!. Y, Tambien, algunos botelas de Tequila!"

    It would be more fun than raking lawns and I'd sure feel better.

    1. I'm twenty or so years younger than you, and have small children to worry about--no doing something illegal where they might lose one of their parents.

      But yeah--that would be more fun.