Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I love Sam's Club.

It's been a bit too hectic around here to blog much (or write much) lately.  We barely made it to Sam's Club when the kids' chocolate milk ran out. 

I'm very glad we did.  I spotted orange, reduced price stickers in the meat case when I was headed for the toothbrushes.  They'd taken their chuck roast that was a day before the sell-by date, and dropped the price by $0.75 per pound.  I grabbed a six and a half pound package.

There were two roasts in the package.  I'm going to cook the smaller one for us...and take the larger one to my mother.  She loves chuck roasts, and I hate visiting towards the end of the month because she stresses about what to feed us when they've run out of money.

(Personally, I wouldn't mind stew, or tacos, or something simple and cheap, but that's not the way she works.)

Honestly, one of the main reasons I love Sam's Club is that, with their prices, that store grants us the ability to help others without breaking ourselves.

Now, if only my aunt would realize that she cannot afford to be picky about what she's willing to eat when she's not buying her own food...

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