Friday, October 25, 2013


Yesterday, I got slammed with a headache around three or four.  Combination of sinus and I forgot to drink any fucking water

You might think it's difficult to forget to drink.  Normally, you'd be right, but...there are extenuating circumstances stretching back to Wednesday. 

Odysseus had some outdoor chores to do, so I put jackets on the kids to take them outside to wear some of their excess energy off.  The imp promptly flung a basketball into the pixie's face, knocking her over, and getting sent in the house and to his room.  Big fail there--he was only out for about five minutes.

And the imp wasn't the only one getting into mischief: Odysseus got out the ladder and fixed the gutter.  Then, he fixed himself.  The ladder went out from under him, and he hit the ground. 

I was still in the back yard, at that point.  The pixie was still wanting to play outside. 

So, I hear a yell and a thud, and run up front to find Odysseus sitting cross legged on the ground at the corner of the porch. 

He's okay.  Separated his shoulder a bit, but that's all, thank God. 

But he's in a sling, and I spent yesterday busy taking care of him and the house. 

Until I got hit with that headache (which still hasn't gone away).  At which point I went back to our room and laid down...and finished the book I'm working on.

And, to compound my stupidity in forgetting to drink any water yesterday, I didn't realize it until after I'd put the kids to bed. 


  1. I broke three ribs that way. Your husband needs you to hold the ladder when he's on it. Even a little stability helps.

    I hope you all have a good weekend.

    1. I honestly thought he'd call me if he needed me. Next time, I'll know better.