Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Something you don't expect to hear from your kids' doctor:  "Wow.  He's really going to have problems when he goes to school.  He's too smart."

Yeah, duh.  It's why we're sending him to Catholic school, despite the price tag, next year. 


  1. Don't let him grow up to be like my nephew I told you about. He's really smart, got his doctorate in Astro Physics, and now he's living at home with my sister, 32 years old and no job.

    1. He's probably going toward engineering, judging by the way he builds with blocks. Or maybe a train engineer. Too early to tell, yet.

    2. Maybe he should be a helicopter pilot, he sounds like he has too much common sense to be a fighter pilot. I recommend the Marines. He would be flying older aircraft but with a good bunch of guys and gals. : - )

      Besides, every young person should get to see the world before they settle down......

    3. Dunno. He adores his trains, and he likes his blocks. I could see him going for the Navy, in engineering. The ships are just about as cool as trains, and he hasn't been exposed to them yet.