Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thanks and welcome

Thanks to PioneerPreppy for hitting that follower button.  There's a fresh pot of coffee just now finished and still hot--help yourself.  Or, if you'd prefer, we have tea.


  1. I see people talking about followers all the time. What is a follower button and why do people want you to be a follower?

    1. 'Tis an option that shows you any updated blogs as soon as you sign into yours, and the first bit of whatever was written (or the first picture). The "Follower" button is the "Join This Site" button, found (on my blog) just under my blog list, and my recommended book of the week.

    2. Then I guess I am already following a bunch of people because my blog role does that, which is how I know to go look at new postings.

    3. I use my blog roll and the follow button (about haft the time, my blog roll doesn't update right) for that.