Wednesday, October 30, 2013

For the married/"in a relationship" ladies...

1. If you are in a relationship, and you think it's too good to happen to you, and you start acting in ways to end it on your terms, he isn't the problem, you are; stop going to therapy*.

2. If you constantly shit-test your relationship to make sure your significant other is going to stay with you, and get mad when he doesn't put up with your shit, he's not the problem, you are; stop going to therapy.

3.  If you think that you're beautiful just the way you are, looking like Jabba the Hutt on your mobility scooter at twenty five (and without trying to change that), and are mad because there isn't a single man on the face of the earth willing to look at you without shuddering, they aren't the problem, you are; stop going to therapy.

4.  If you look at your marriage, realize you're not the absolute number one priority in his estimation and decide you're not happy, he isn't the problem, you are; stop going to therapy, and don't even think about divorce.

5.  If you look at your high-powered career and your life, realize it's not making you happy, and neither is your husband, he isn't the problem, you and your choices are; stop going to therapy. 

6.  If you realize that any of the above apply to you, realize that you wanted kids and now it's too late to have them, and are angry and resentful, your overall problem is radical feminism and the "you need therapy" culture that it spawned.  Take an early retirement and sign up to be a foster parent.

*Most modern therapy situations tell women that they're wonderful and perfect just the way they are, and men suck, and they shouldn't have to deal with those nasty creatures.  Which is very bad for a relationship.


  1. Excellent advise for the most part though I would hesitate to recommend foster parenting to a pissed off, disillusioned feminist.

    1. Better a pissed off, disillusioned feminist than a group home.

    2. After my Mom died, several people I worked with suggested a therapy visit......

      The first thing the therapy bitch said to me was, "Why don't you get a hair cut?".....I left and never went back!

    3. I decided therapy was bullshit when I was eight years old, and my therapist told me that I was either lying about my abuse because of "unconscious wish fulfillment," or that I wanted it.


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