Sunday, October 20, 2013

Late post, I know.

I've been pretty busy, this evening.  Trying to keep the kids' behavior under at least a semblance of control* meant I couldn't do anything outside of the living room. 

And the dishes needed done.  And the winter clothes needed brought out.  And the clean clothes needed put away, and the dirty ones gathered. 

I got...a lot, but by no means all, done.  Dishes are done.  Winter clothes are down to two boxes to unload (even if I did get the summer clothes boxed up), and some of mine have been put away.  I ended up quitting for the night about an hour and a half after I got the kids to bed, so that I'd have a chance to wind down.

The sad thing?  The kids' most recent favorite song for me to sing has been "Amazing Grace."  I sing the first three verses, and the last one. 

I spent the time singing to them while tucking them in mentally going over my "to do" list for the evening...and couldn't get that track in my head to stop going for even long enough to get the kids to bed with my full attention.

*I say a semblance of control because the imp has needed more outdoor time than we've been able to give him, lately.  He's been flighty, hyper, and prone to flopping about like a landed fish on the couch--for fun--and fighting with his sister.  Tonight, he decided to climb on top of his shelves (about knee-high to me, and fourteen inches deep), and found out why we don't let him do that when one of the two-shelf units tipped over on him. 


  1. When you have kids, you never go to bed with everything finished.