Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weird, but nice.

I woke up this morning with the same sinus headache that slapped into me yesterday.  Staggered into the kitchen, to pour coffee, and found that I had two good swallows left. 

Damn it.

I couldn't stand the thought of something cold to drink, with my sinuses in the state they're in.  So I took TinCan Assassin's advice. 

About a week ago, he sent us some of the products he's selling: AdvoCare Spark.  I can honestly say that the stuff works.  Mix it in about eight ounces of water, and drink.  It has the same effect as a 16 oz Monster Rehab, or a couple of Mountain Dews, or a 16 oz mug of coffee the way I make it.*  Good product.

He likes it hot.  Suggested I try it that way this morning if my headache was still hanging on.  So, I did. 

I'm awake.  My headache has eased as much as drinking something hot usually does.  And it was like drinking hot fruit punch, with a bit of a nutty undertone that it doesn't have cold.  Overall, not bad.  It doesn't have the soothing effect coffee has on me (yes, I know coffee is a weird comfort drink--but it's still my comfort drink), but it wakes me up just fine. 

But I'm still gonna get a cup of coffee from the university coffee shop when I get there. 

*Coffee gets ground very fine just before it's made.  3/4 c of fine ground coffee per 10 of 12 cup pot worth of water.  Most people add water to my coffee (or a ton of creamer) before they can drink it.  And I drink a 16 oz mug of that every morning to wake up.  Sometimes, it takes two cups.


  1. On a paddle many moons ago "Spark" made an apperance with a couple of our senior scouts. They had some every day and it gave them a little "extra" boost . . . . just what I needed to watch as I dragged my 50ish body outta the tent and on to the water for another day! :) My morning boost is Diet Coke . . . well maybe 3 or so. For the morning . . . . and another dozen or so to get me through the day . . . heavy sigh. I suspect I could make a few bucks as a walking lab experiment since I've been doing this for the past 40+ years.

    1. Mine is strong, black coffee. Sometimes half a pot, but usually just one cup.

  2. MMMmmmm Sound kind of like the coffee I used to get in Louisiana. Those Cajuns sure know how to make things that are just so good. Red beans and rice has been one of my favorites since my first trip down there in 1980.

    1. Well, I almost always have coffee in the pot. This morning was an exception, because the #$%^ing sink drain has been acting up again.