Saturday, October 26, 2013

Random ramblings

We took the imp to a nearby activity, today.  Someone about an hour away from us is obviously a model train enthusiast for whom the little model trains are no longer fulfilling the need.  In any case, they run little diesel powered copies of steam engines around a two mile narrow-gauge track.  Last weekend and this weekend, they'd decorated the track along Halloween themes. 

I don't think the imp cared about the decorations.  He rode, slack-faced in awe, and was quiet for the rest of the morning.  The pixie was very excited, and chirped about each and every "spooky" thing she saw. 

After that, we topped an already-wonderful day by taking the kids to Grandma and Grandpa's (and left the imp there for a couple of nights, which just makes things even better, by his books).

And, while we were gone, one of the cats managed to knock over the smaller trash can (for candy papers and the like, so that the kids don't go all the way into the kitchen when told to throw something away).  I'm pretty sure there was nothing in it that they were after (the catnip tea bag is in the bottom of the big trash), and that they were only playing.

I'm still pretty sure that, despite the dropping temperatures, the dog is not interested in being an indoor dog except for at night.  Or when the pixie doesn't eat all of her chicken nuggets.

I'm picking up papers from my Comp I students on Monday.  They're a couple of days ahead of where I thought they'd be, and are about to start their last paper.  My Comp II students are researching for their papers, which will be due not long before Thanksgiving.   Semester ends, for me, on December 6.  Really not long, now. 

I finished the first draft of Highway to Tartarus.  I'm currently working on revising.  There are a total of thirty-six stories, and I'm done with the first three (and, obviously, did nothing on it today).  Editing and revising never takes as long as the initial writing, so...close.  Very close. 

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