Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I have class tomorrow!!  And more to the point, two office hours!!  Quiet time, without brawling, bawling, screaming, misbehaving children!!

I am just about ready to run for the hills.  Especially after the imp dumped his supper on the floor, then started crying that he was hungry.*

At the moment, both kids have been bathed, one has been fed, and I have The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh in the DVD player to wind them down a bit.  If it ends too far ahead of bedtime, I'll start it over and play another "chapter" or two.

And I?  I will have the headphones plugged into my laptop, listening to music, while trying to ignore them.

I do love them.  I do.

In one of his books, Heinlein said something about how a mother's illusions about the superior intelligence, beauty, charm, etc., of her own children are sometimes the only things keeping her from strangling them. 

For me?  It's not the illusions, it's how very much I love them (it's also what makes the behavior they've displayed all day so unacceptable--I love them too much to permit them to act this way without consequences).

It certainly doesn't help with the frustration.

*Little shit had had that bowl of food in front of him for forty minutes, and ate less than half of it before he dumped it on the floor.  I'm of the opinion that he can stay hungry for a little while.


  1. I understand the gypsies are in the market for small children.

    1. Have you ever read "The Ransome of Red Chief?" They'd be paying me to take the imp back within about twenty-four hours.

      Not that I'd consider selling him. He's just too cute, even when he's being infuriating.

  2. Yes - I've always heard that God makes them cute so that parents won't kill them.