Thursday, October 17, 2013


...all my troubles seemed so far away.

At least, that's how the song goes.  Not so in real life.  I picked up papers yesterday from my Comp II class, and didn't get them all.  I'm thinking, since I moved the due date up, I'll accept them through the original due date. Also, yesterday, my younger sister had a procedure done to bust up kidney stones.  I'd been worrying about that since I'd heard about it a week ago, but turns out there was no reason to worry (not that that stopped me). 

I wound up making myself sick. 

Today, I have my second dentist's appointment.  They'll finish the cleaning, and further assess and plan the repairs (need at least two fillings replaced, and a few more added). 

Other than that...I'll have the day kinda to myself.  Odysseus took the imp to Grandma and Grandpa on Tuesday, and will be taking the pixie to visit today.  He'll leave her there, and bring the imp home sometime this afternoon. 

I plan to spend the day doing housework that I can't do when the kids are fighting with each other.  And writing. 

Hope everyone else has a good day. 


  1. These are stressful times on so many levels. I'd like to have just one week where something didn't happen to make me mad, worry me, or otherwise churn things up. But there's no escape.

    1. The first week of December is the last week of classes. I'll turn in my grades that Saturday, and be done with the bullshit for five or six weeks. And I'm going to huddle up and relax.

    2. You should leave the kids at Grandma's and you and your husband go to Tahiti.

      This is my sage advice.

    3. I think we'd be happier somewhere out in the country, maybe on forty or fifty deserted, wooded acres, on a lake. In a cabin with a wood stove.