Monday, September 30, 2013

Time to write.

I ran a dishwasher full of dirty dishes (dishes that had been sitting since the sink started flooding on Friday) this afternoon.  Then I unloaded all of those, and put the wet ones in the drainer, and reloaded all of my metal and ceramic dishes that were waiting.  Those can tolerate heat dry; my plastic dishes warp.  Now, the last load--all of my plastic dishes, the kids' supper dishes, and my bowl and spoon--is going. 

I have accomplished much in getting my kitchen back into livable shape.

Now, I'm gonna go write.  Hopefully, I can finish the story chapter I've been working on.


  1. It's tough living a live where you have to fill so many roles. You seem to manage it pretty well, though.

    1. If we ever manage to move out of town, the dog is likely to become an outdoor dog, more than she already is, until she settles down, and the same for the kids. I don't trust our back yard fence without direct supervision, which means I can't get anything done.

      Tomorrow, however, I don't have grading to worry about, so I'm going to let the housework go screw itself while I run the kids around outside until they collapse. See if that does any good.


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