Thursday, May 21, 2015

Think the lesson sank in?

So.  A 21 year old twit took provocative selfies, posted them to a public forum (Facebook), then was shocked when an escort service copied her pics and used them to advertise their services.  Said twit was dressed like a hooker, and posed like a hooker, and was absolutely shocked  when men started calling her and offering to take the contract she looked like she was offering (accepting pay to leave after sex).

I tell my students every semester that everything they post on any social media site, even one with privacy protocols engaged, is public.  I have never posted naked pictures of my kids, have never posted provocative pictures of myself, and will not do either

Hell, where that's concerned, I don't even post pictures of my kids on my FB account, and don't post them here anymore, now that they're no longer kinda generic baby looking.

Any picture posted online is public.  Anything posted online is public

Sadly, that seems to be knowledge that many just do not possess. 

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