Friday, May 8, 2015


I did enough bending about sorting laundry and clearing the way for it to be put away (by moving the tubs of winter clothes out of the way) that by bedtime, I hurt.  Bad.  As in: I bent to get the ice cream out of the freezer,* and my back seized up and wouldn't let me stand up.

It's better today, but the kids are still putting their own damn clothes away.

Hopefully, the imp won't have another orange day.**  He was a miserable little imp last night after a tantrum on the playground got him clipped from green down to orange, and got him sat in the corner in the kitchen facing the wall all evening.

I ordered a Mother's Day pressie for my mom through Amazon, and we bought one for Odysseus's mom at Home Depot, today, while the kids were in class.  I'm pretty sure she'll like it because our tastes are similar, and I like it.

Gotta go.  Got a cat on my arms.

*Freezer is under the fridge.

**Remember: Rainbow backwards--pink is best, followed by purple, blue, and green (which is minimum acceptable behavior), then yellow, orange, and red for bad behavior.  

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