Friday, May 1, 2015

FFOT: I got nothin'.

Seriously: I got nothin'.  I'm damn near done with grading, and as of 10:00 today, I am done with classes. 

I got three more pens re-sacked last night, and will be reassembling and testing them today, and fixing more of the ones I still have to go (after I find and watch videos on replacing J-bars in lever fill pens, and pressure bars in button fill pens). 

Once I'm done with the ones I've got, I'll have another three fountain pens, six vintage ballpoints (which I'll need to research), and one vintage mechanical pencil (which I'll keep, should it be bulky enough to make using it comfortable).  And I'll focus on getting what I have fixed posted and sold on Etsy

So no, I really don't have anything to bitch about this week. 

If you do, have at it in the comments. 

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