Friday, May 8, 2015

Okay...deep breath

I can't take pictures of one of the pens I rescued but refused to sell (the body of the pen was bent just below the lever box), because I gave it to a friend.  I can, however, take pictures of the pen I turned into an eyedropper filled pen...and a few others I've rescued.  A darling little ladies' checkbook pen, a beautiful bright blue pen with a generous, smooth writing medium nib, and a Parker Depression Time pen (once I get the cap cleaned up). 

The most recent lot of pens I bought included a bunch of six vintage ballpoint pens, three fountain pens, and one mechanical pencil. 

Two of the ballpoints are little Stratford pens about as long, capped, as my hand is wide.  They're downright cute.  There is nother, similar pen of a different brand, which I can't remember off the top of my head, and two more without easily distinguishing characteristics. 

With that lot, I got a Wearever Deluxe 100 (sadly, with a cracked section), a cartridge-fed Wearever (the cartridge still fits tight, so I just washed it out and refilled it with a syringe), and an Esterbrook that needs a new cap and a new nib. 

Sadly, though, until I get some of my vintage pens sold, that's gonna be all, folks.  Probably eight to ten pens up for sale, out of a bit more than two dozen bought. 

Because those ballpoints?  Yeah.  Non-functional, one and all. 

Although, the mechanical pencil just might work with the right size of lead.  I think it'll be .9mm or perhaps a bit bigger. 

I've got to stay off ebay...I cannot buy more pens until I sell some of the ones I have.  And I've fallen a little bit in love with the Wearever brand of pens.  Despite being cheap, mass-produced, third-tier pens, they have incredibly nice nibs, especially for stainless steel. 

And tomorrow's going to be too busy for me to fix the last pen I have that needs a sac, or test the last one I had put a new sac on.  We've got friends coming for lunch (which is in the crock pot now).

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