Thursday, May 14, 2015


I have a friend who used to have a Pitt Bull/Boxer mix.  She was the least aggressive and sweetest dog I have ever long as you weren't trying to get onto her property while her people weren't there, and even then, if she could restrain you without hurting you, she would.  Absolutely lovely dog. 

My aunts have a little dog, a Pomeranian mix.  That dog is the most hateful, spoiled rotten piece of shit I have ever met.  He's very pretty, and they say he's sweet most of the time, but I haven't seen it.  He goes out of his way to attempt to attack my kids.  Because, they say, he'd been abused by kids before they got him. 

I hate that little dog, and my hand is never far from my gun around him when we're outside, and if he's outside when we get there, I carry my kids into my mother's house, one at a time. 

People are fucking retarded when it comes to Pitt Bulls.  Most cannot distinguish large dog breeds, and anything they're scared of is a "pit bull"--whether it is, or whether it's a Lab or Retriever that's upset with them. 

The problem isn't with the breed.  The problem is with people: either the fuckwits who don't understand what dogs are saying with their body language, or with the fuckwits who take a lovely dog and turn it into a monster, either for illegal dog fighting or because they're felons and not allowed to own a gun, but want something big and threatening to try to hurt people or keep cops away from their home. 

Personally, I love the bigger dogs.  They usually naturally have a sweet temperament.  It's the little yappy ankle biters that are the nasty ones. 

That's why I love seeing stories like this one.  And there was a bit in it that I think should apply to all dogs living in town, not just a specific breed that has been wrongly demonized: "they have to go through behavioral assessment to determine whether or not they’re dangerous, they have to have insurance, and owners have to have a fence."  I would add that, should the dogs escape the fence, the owners get fined for each instance, with fines increasing with each time the dog gets out and becomes a nuisance. 

I like big dogs.  Or dogs that think like big dogs (like my Scotty dog).  I detest the nervous little rat dogs that bite with little to no provocation.  If any dog should be banned, it's dogs like that.


  1. They need to ban idiot owners, not particular dog breeds.

    I've known German Shepherds who were nice and funny and loving.....and I also knew one I was mildly traumatized by as a child (it was fenced, I had to walk by its house, every time it was out it would do the "I'm gonna rip your throat out" run-at-the-fence and bark). I've known small-breed dogs (including a Pomeranian) that were sweet and cuddly.....and others that were snappy and mean.I know someone who lost most of a finger to a Chihuahua.

    It comes down to the owner. If they take the time to train the dog and treat the dog right, the dog is (generally) fine. (I reserve judgement on dogs clearly defending their owners. If a "bad guy" gets his throat ripped out by a dog when he tries to rape the woman walking the dog, I still regard that as a good dog). Bad dogs mean bad owners, people who should not own dogs.

    Too many people in my town get dogs and don't train them, let them run loose (I could walk to work but don't as there are several semi-feral dogs that hang out on the route I would walk and I don't trust them) or stake them out in the backyard 24/7 which means a poorly-socialized dog that also barks all the time and bugs the neighbors.

    1. I'd like to ban dumb people from owning dogs; however, how do you tell who's going to be a bad owner before they get the dog?


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