Monday, May 11, 2015

Because one is none...

When I started teaching, I graded everything by hand.  Printed papers emailed to me, and wrote comments in the margins.  Well, I've slowly quit doing that.  Mostly for the same reason I quit using my Parker Vector: in the wintertime especially, using a slender writing utensil hurts

Last weekend, I spotted and ordered this.  There were three lead size options--.5mm, .7mm, and .9mm.  I ordered the .7mm pencil because I have a bit of .7mm lead.  (Honestly would have preferred the color of the .5mm pencil because blue.  Favorite color.)  I tried it out, and found that I liked it.  It has a very fat, padded, shaped grip. 

I let my son try it out this evening, and immediately ordered a second one.  Because my son absolutely loves it, and because it improves his control and his handwriting.  And I would no longer have one, because my son has already claimed it for my plans to have him writing letters to his grandparents this summer.


  1. You have my empathy AND my sympathy. I used those Pentel Sharp pencils with .5mm lead for many years as a field surveyor and loved the control and tiny, legible writing. Now with neuropathy from diabetes AND arthritis, I have a hard time writing at all and tend to buy fat pens for control when restocking. My fingers are generally in either numb mode or hurt mode depending on which malady has the upper hand at the time. Since my hands get numb, I find it hard to hold something idly, in my hand without watching it because I can not tell how tightly I am gripping it.

    1. The SumoGrip pencils are wonderful--you're not going to hurt yourself with it because of the rubber padding, and you're unlikely to hurt the pencil because of that, and because the plastic's thick.

      Otherwise, I'd honestly recommend one of the Jinhao pens--they also make rollerball, if you don't like fountain pens. The 159s are huge, and the x450's grips are shaped for a bit more comfort writing. I just got one for my mother.


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