Saturday, May 16, 2015

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We're down to the last week of the kids' school, next week...and the first week of summer semester for Odysseus.  I think the class he's taking is advanced cost accounting. 

Next week, though...Monday, the imp will be participating in a kindergarten spelling bee on Monday, a track and field day on Tuesday, and a field trip to a skating rink on Wednesday.  I'm not sure what, if anything, is planned for Thursday; Friday, the last day, lets out at 11:00. 

I'm honestly not sure what-all the preschool is doing next week. 

The imp will be repeating kindergarten, though, next year.  Were he in a public school, he'd probably be ready for second grade; however, the curriculum is incredibly advanced, and I don't want him set up for failure by being passed with his classmates before he's ready.  And he's just not ready.  It's mostly a maturity thing, but not totally.  He just doesn't grasp a few of the concepts, and doesn't see the point in focusing and not half-assing the things he finds easy. 

I have a lot of work to do with him this summer, teaching him to focus on everything, not just what he finds interesting. 

I also have a lot of work to do with the pixie.  She has, for some reason, started putting everything into her mouth again.  I had to flip her mouth this morning because when I got up, she had a penny in her mouth.  I'm beginning to wonder if I'm gonna have to tape her mouth shut except for meals when I can't watch her every second. 

She's been cute recently, too--she's taken to picking up a kitty and wandering somewhere to sit down with them and snuggle them.  Cricket won't stay on her lap, but will walk all over her and shoulder rub and purr.  Shadow...half the time, Shadow flops over onto her side on the pixie's lap and luxuriates in the attention.  Another quarter of the time, she'll flop next to the pixie and luxuriate in the attention.  The rest of the time?  She hauls ass into the window to quiver as she watches the birdies.  

I've gotten another 5K words written on my current project, bringing total word count up to 12K words.  I have it all planned out--it's going to be in three, possibly four parts.  I started out writing on the second part (2.5K words), and then realized that I needed to back up and work on the first part (10K words).  I've been working fairly steadily, and I have about the first quarter to third done for part 1.  Part 2?  Maybe the first tenth.  Or so. 

If you're curious about the inspirational music, you can hear it on Amazon Prime, or you can hear it here.  

I'm fairly happy with the current state of the housework, nothing that needs the kids out from under foot/elbow to get done without the delays of "helping," so I'll probably spend the last three days I'll have three or four hours with no children around writing.  See if I can't double or triple my current word count (and maybe finish part 1).

One of the things slowing me down a bit is the lack of ability to print.  Yes, you read that right: our printer--the one we got less than a year ago to replace the one we bought less than a year before that--has died.  Again.  Doesn't even register that it's plugged in.  I've found a couple of possible repair places in the next big town over, so I'll call and find out if they can fix the printer(s).  I like printing to edit when I get stuck.  I can't print to edit.  And so, when I get stuck, I have to stop until I get enough sketched out in my draft book to really kick-start things again.

Not that I truly mind drafting out longhand.  I've got pens that I dearly love that I can use.  :)

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