Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I went out and got the dog to bring her in, earlier.  It looked like she'd gotten something in her eye, and maybe got a little infection, and I wanted a closer look (it wasn't). 

I got her in the house, and realized...she reeked.  Horribly.  So, I walked her, stripped her harness off of her, and dunked her in a sink full of warm water.

And the dog?  Groaned, and deflated.  She loves a warm bath--at least, she does, until I put the soap on her.  Although...tonight, she tucked her head under my armpit, and leaned into me scrubbing her good. 

We do bathe the dog on a regular basis.  You wouldn't know it by the look of her bathwater.  Wound up having to pull the plug and rinse her again, after I got her rinsed the first time.  She was standing in sludge.

After I got her washed and dried as best I could with a towel, I sat down on the floor and let her dry herself off the rest of the way on my jeans and tee shirt. 

And then, after she decided it was time to go to bed, I Ajaxed the hell out of the sink.  Twice.

But now, I'm tired, and about ready to just...fall apart. 

Guess it's time to write some, and then hit the sack after Odysseus gets home.


  1. I had to stop watching our Shadow after he had his bath. He'd go out to the yard, find the dirtiest, dustiest, or smelliest thing he could find, and then roll in it.

    1. Ours is a Scotty. She doesn't roll--she digs. And then sleeps in the holes.


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