Saturday, September 28, 2013

Random ramblings

My mom visited briefly yesterday, with my sister, and two of my aunts.  Right at about the kids' nap time.  So, the kids went down late.  And got up late.  Which meant that they refused to go to bed on time. 

They sure as shootin' didn't get up late.  The pixie tried to get up at six thirty, and they were both up before seven thirty. 

The imp has outgrown most of his pants.  So, we're transitioning from fours to fives and sixes for him.  His old sweats were about three inches above his ankle bones--fine for sleeping, but not so good for when the weather turns colder. 

The pixie is outgrowing her clothes, too, but not at the same rate. 

Our cats have been acting like mice have been coming in: they'll crouch next to the stove or fridge, then suddenly pounce, then run off to the pantry (where their food, water, and litter box reside). 

Wait...yes, there are mice trying to come in.  I forgot that I've been finding what's left in the litter box.  A bloody tail here...a freakin' mouse skull in the poop get the picture.  My cats are awesome mousers.

The dog has been a little poop factory, recently.  I mean really--in the last week, she's rarely failed to crap before I can get up and get her out (which is why I said screw it last night, and put the kids to bed late in vain hope that they'd wake up late).  She's out, now.  It's supposed to start raining, later, so she's going to have to spend most of the day indoors, something she's not real fond of doing. 

Yesterday morning, while I was walking her (the only morning she didn't poo before I got her outside...and didn't poo while I had her outside), I heard, very faintly, geese calling.  I listened hard, and then looked up.  They were high up, and moving south very fast. 

I'm not surprised.  In recent weeks, every time it hits the mid eighties for the high, we have a series of thunderstorms that take us back down into the low seventies for a few days before it creeps back up...and starts all over again.  So, for once, fall kinda started with the official start, instead of a month later.

So, last night, I made stew.  A giant, five quart pot of the stuff.  Comfort food.  Since the temps are projected to drop into the mid sixties by supper time, I figured we'd have next day stew (better than first day), and fresh, hot biscuits for supper...and cobbler for dessert.

Anyone up for joining us?


  1. On my's fuel prices in your neck of the woods.

  2. I like stew. We live off stew, soup and chowder from the crock pot during the cold months.

    1. It is one of my comfort foods. It's been a rough week.

  3. Stew's good for nutrition, flavor, and budget. I live out of my crockpot whenever Irish Woman lets me.

    1. I will occasionally substitute sweet potatoes for carrots. Odysseus prefers that, and it's tasty.


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