Monday, September 2, 2013

It's nice to have a day off from teaching

Especially so that I can go to the park with the other half and the kids, since it's part of their daily routine on MWF now, while I'm teaching.  A couple of friends of ours will be joining us--the pixie's godparents.  They need to go to Sam's Club afterwards, so they'll be going on our membership.  What they need is only on the more expensive membership that they can't afford (and which I've figured that we can't afford not to have).

After that, I'm planning on getting some writing done.  I've added about five hundred words (or one page, single spaced, in 12 pt font) to one of the early stories, and changed wording in several more.  I've got three stories on the back burner that need to be worked on, and I think I might be able to get them done today.  That will probably bring the current total word count up to about 55,000 words.  And I've got about four more plot-based stories to go, and several ideas that Odysseus came up with.


  1. You stay too busy. I guess you can't help it, with kids and work and all. I hope you don't wear down and get sick, though.

    1. Oh, but the park was fun, until the pixie scraped her knee. And the kids greatly enjoy grocery shopping, so that was fun, too. Right now, the imp is still sleeping, and the pixie is sitting on the couch, eating blueberries, drinking chocolate milk, and watching the old Disney animated Alice in Wonderland, which means I can write.


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