Monday, September 16, 2013

Wow. I'd best be getting several papers by email today...

I have twenty-three students (one has already failed on absences alone, because she's SHOWN UP ONE TIME in the first FOUR WEEKS).  I have had one student ask for an extension (which I've granted). 

I have, in front of me on my desk, eleven papers, with four more indicating that they'll email it to me by midnight, tonight.

That leaves seven out.  Seven possible zeroes. 

And this is an otherwise excellent class.

Oh, well.  If they don't turn in papers, it's no skin off my nose, and fewer papers I have to grade.


  1. Dad was a professor and used to say that if he required attendance at the final he saw students show up that he'd never seen before. If he didn't require attendance at the final he saw students he'd never seen before show up at office hours to say they couldn't make it.

    I once had an Economics professor show us the financial cost of skipping a class, based on the cost of a class hour. It was pretty instructive.

    1. Oh, mine try that with me. Doesn't work. They fail at either seven or ten absences, depending on the days we meet--three weeks of class.


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