Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I am impressed.

My comp II class is blowing through the material as fast as I can feed it to them.  I'd planned today as topic selection, but everybody came to class with a, I moved on to helping them with criteria (evaluation arguments--I'll have everything from movie/book/play reviews to smartphone comparisons to evaluating a possible career choice to the latest installment in the Ford F-150 vs. the Chevy Silverado debate).  And began discussing thesis statements. 

I suppose Friday will be thesis statements/organization/types of evidence.  A class day early.

I'm debating between moving the entire schedule up a class period and having a free write day that's only free write, not development lecture for fifteen minutes, then free write. 

I'll put it to my students, but I'm impressed, proud, and incredibly happy to have this class.


  1. This is the class that gets you hooked, you know, so that all the frustrating classes that follow you still teach hoping that the next one will be like that one.

    1. I love being in front of my classrooms. I love helping the students catch up to where they should be. The further they have to go, the more fun it is watching them succeed.

      I'm curious to see what I can do with a class full of what should be honors students. Seriously, this semester? My worst student is only average. Not below average. Average.


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