Saturday, September 7, 2013

Only two more hours...

It's been a very long day.  We hosted some friends over for a sort-of birthday celebration (a few days after the fact), with a promised blackberry cobbler for the birthday "cake." 

So, we had a four hour visit with friends.  Much preferable to grading papers. 

But I've still got papers to grade.  And I've been trying to do that since they left almost three hours ago.  I've finished one, while I've had to chase the kids around, feed the kids, and deal with the dog's needs, since today was too hot for her to stay outside in her pen without having had another haircut. 

I've got thirteen papers to go for the day, since I fell so far behind trying to get crap organized for class and life management. 

Another hour and a half, and it'll be time to wrangle the kids around for bed (use bathroom, get a diaper on the pixie, get teeth brushed for both, and each tucked in and sang to in turn.  Takes about a half an hour overall.

So, by eight thirty, I'll be settling in to grade papers with a tumbler of Scotch over a couple of ice cubes. 


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