Thursday, September 19, 2013


My mother told me to get some powdered sugar to mix with the boric acid I've laid down for the roaches.  It sounded like a good idea, so I put it on my shopping list.

I've taken it back off. 

I was in the bedroom cleaning up a bit for the past half hour or so, and just came out for some ice water.  I found Shadow, our little black cat, contorted and crouched inside one of the bookcases I use for extra storage space in the kitchen licking around the lid of my jug of honey (if you get it in the 5 lb size, it's a jug).  I scooped her out and tossed her, and she went over to the cabinets, hopped up, found the sugar, and started sniffing around that.  Pawing at it. 

So, I scooped her and tossed her again.  And she runs across the kitchen to the table, hops up, and starts trying to figure out how to get into the cinnamon sugar.  And then the honey whiskey.

I'm thinking adding powdered sugar to the boric acid would be a very bad idea.


  1. Hey, It would get rid of the noxious cat!!!!

    Can you see my dog's smile?????


    1. Ah, but I love my cats. Both of them are spectacularly good mousers, and very, very gentle and sweet with the kids.

      (Your dog's smile reminds me of the joke about how to wash the the toilet...signed sincerely, the dog.)

  2. I'm sure it would work wonders for the roaches...

    1. It probably would, but I really don't want to take the chances with my silly cat.