Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I just read a paper written by one of my young men on what happens when a man makes a woman angry (focusing on best friends, mothers, and significant others).

I'm still smirking. 


  1. So what happens? Other than the man's life sucks for an indeterminate amount of time, that is.

    1. Well, the best friend ignores him or plots to kill him; his mother has four levels of mad--"the look," "the tone of voice," yelling, and "run;" the significant other stores hers up and unleashes it when she thinks it's appropriate (or plots to kill him).

      His overall conclusion was just don't.

      Too bad the kid's too young to realize that there's no chance to prevent himself from making most women mad, since with most, what doesn't make them mad one day will the next.


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